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Noise Modeling

Paul Carpenter Associates, Inc. (PCA) offers noise prediction modeling services for projects ranging from typical to the largest and most complex. PCA is proud to provide a wide variety of expertise to serve its clients while conducting each modeling project with proficiency to ensure accuracy and reliability. PCA's exemplary staff, all of whom have been formally trained in the appropriate application of various models utilized by PCA, are knowledgeable with respect to regulations and policies that require use of specific models and assessment types, understand necessary data inputs to populate each model, capable of troubleshooting modeling issues, and recognize how to interpret and articulate modeling results correctly and effectively to clients and the public.

PCA performs noise prediction modeling assignments for federal and state agencies as well as private clients utilizing the Federal Highway Administration's (FHWA) Traffic Noise Model version 2.5 (TNM2.5), the FHWA's Roadway Construction Noise Model version 1.1 (RCNM), the Federal Transit Administration's (FTA) Noise Impact Assessment Spreadsheet Tool, and the Federal Railroad Administration's (FRA) CREATE Rail Noise Model.

Additionally, PCA owns SoundPLAN licenses and has utilized this comprehensive model to evaluate noise impact for a number of clients. PCA also performs underwater noise prediction modeling to assess impact to endangered species utilizing the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) spreadsheet modeling tool. In addition, PCA develops project-specific modeling applications to predict impact to wildlife from construction noise. PCA regularly performs noise prediction modeling assignments on projects related to:

  • Community Noise
  • Construction
  • Industrial
  • Roadway
  • Rail
  • Underwater Construction
  • Wildlife Protection

PCA is also well versed in the use of computer-aided drawing (CAD) and geographic information systems (GIS) tools to manage and manipulate data for input to the various modeling applications utilized for noise assessments.